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Table top & base dec. Top 18



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Oval 120x80cm/47"x31", Oval 160x90cm/63"x35", Oval 180x100cm/71"x39", Oval 200x100cm/78"x39", Oval 2pc 250x120cm/98,4"x47", Oval 3Pc 300x120cm/118,1"x47", Rectangular 120x80cm/47"x31", Rectangular 160x90cm/63"x35", Rectangular 180x100cm/71"x39", Rectangular 200x100cm/78"x39", Rectangular 2Pc 250x120cm/98,4"x47", Rectangular 3Pc 300x120cm/118,1"x47", Round 100cm/39", Round 110cm/43", Round 120cm/47", Round 130cm/51", Round 140cm/55", Round 150cm/59", Round 4Pc 180cm/70,8", Round 4Pc 200cm/78", Round 4Pc 250 cm/98,4", Round 60cm/23", Round 70cm/27", Round 80cm/31", Round 90cm/35", Square 120x120cm/47"x47", Square 70x70cm/27"x27", Square 90x90cm/35"x35"


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